Our profile

We offer support in strategic, financial and investment consultancy. We offer effective support in the process of seeking and obtaining external funding. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the market and organisations we develop strategic plans and optimise existing business models. We specialise in the process of planning and organising investment projects by analysing possible organisational and legal models as well as their financial and tax consequences. We provide services to local governments, municipal companies and commercial enterprises.


We provide our consultancy services concentrating on three areas:

Strategic consultancy
Strategic consultancy
  • Developing social and economic strategies
  • Building business development strategies
  • Preparing and analysing business plans
Financial consultancy
Financial consultancy
  • Preparing financial models and forecasts
  • Evaluating the financial consequences of planned investments
  • Financial analyses of investment projects
Investment consultancy
Investment consultancy
  • Preparing feasibility studies for investment projects
  • Developing requests for funding
  • Organising and coordinating investment projects
  • Acquiring funding for investment projects


So far we have been delivering consultancy projects mostly in the following sectors of the economy. Below you will find selected projects presenting our qualifications:

Maritime Industry
  • Substantive support in the process of creating the Intelligent Specialisation of Pomerania in offshore as well as port and logistics technologies
  • Feasibility study for the construction of an administrative and service-providing centre for the maritime sector as part of the JESSICA initiative
  • Preparing an application as part of the CEF programme for the project of expanding the road and railway network in the port areas
Waste Management
  • Location Study together with Legal and Economic Study for Municipal Waste Thermal Processing Plant
  • Study concerning formal and legal conditions for implementing waste management tasks
Leisure Time Industry
  • Feasibility Study for the construction of swimming pools in schools and residential districts
  • Feasibility Study for the construction of an education and exhibition centre devoted to the Baltic Sea
  • Developing a medium-term strategy for the operator of a sports and show arena
Innovation and Education
  • Financial and location analysis for the construction and operation of a research and development hub
  • Substantive support in the process of accelerating innovative start-ups
Business analysis for public entities
  • Business plans for cultural institutions
  • Case studies, managment analysis for public institutions