> InvestGDA obsługa inwestorów

Support for investors

Investments are our core business. We bring the investment potential of Gdańsk closer to domestic and foreign partners.

> Inwestycje to nasz core business

We are responsible for the commercialization of key, yet often demanding investment sites, which have to be properly adjusted to the requirements of potential investors. To this end, we make relevant investments e.g. for infrastructure development or transport solutions.

We understand that the moment we sign the contract with an investor, our partnership is far from over. We support investors through all stages of the investment process -from offering opinions on the concept and preliminary work, through assistance with obtaining the required decisions, administrative permits as well as terms and conditions from utility administrators, to securing a building permit. Furthermore, we support our partners by providing information on available assistance dedicated to regional investments, such as tax reliefs, subsidies, grant programs.

Komercjalizacja terenów