Our goal
is the economic growth of

  • Stadion Gdańsk
Gdańsk PKB na mieszkańca
75 206
GDP per capita

PLN (data from 2019 / Statistics Poland)

Gdańsk liczba mieszkańców
486 271
Number of residents

(data from 2021 / Statistics Poland)

Gdańsk bezrobocie

(data from 2021 / Statistics Poland)

Gdańsk liczba podmiotów gospodarczych
86 913
Business entities in Gdańsk

(data from 2021 / Statistics Poland)

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Investment projects
Centrum Biurowe KOGA
Office Center

InvestGDA offers office space for lease in KOGA Office Center, located in  Pomeranian  Investment Center. The Port of Gdańsk and DCT are within reach, and the city center is a five minute drive. KOGA is a convenient business location. The vicinity of public roads, highways and the tunnel under the Dead Vistula River, as well as direct access…

Pomorskie Centrum Inwestycyjne PCI
Pomeranian Investment Center

Pomeranian Investment Center (PCI) is an industrial park with a total area of 67 ha. It is located in the direct vicinity of the Port of Gdańsk and DCT Gdańsk container terminal. The park was created for investors related to the maritime economy, offshore industry and TSL sector. Of the total area of Pomeranian Investment Centre…

Teren Inwestycyjny Ku Ujściu - Etap II
Ku Ujściu
Investment Site – Stage II

Having successfully commercialized first stage of Ku Ujściu Investment Site, located in Gdańsk Przeróbka, which was mainly dedicated on container depots, InvestGDA began the development process of Stage II in this location. Prepared offer includes greenfields for industrial purposes.  The key feature of this area is the lack of…

Teren Inwestycyjny Cementowa
Investment Site

Cementowa Investment Site is the last area available for sale within Maszynowa Industrial Park, where such companies as International Paper, Jeronimo Martins, Kokoszki Prefabrykacja or Elbudrem run their business. The fully commercialized park is a flagship project of InvestGDA in Gdańsk Kokoszki…

Teren inwestycyjny Azymutalna
Investment Site

Azymutalna is an investment site located near Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport and a modern office complex known as the BCB Business Park. InvestGDA holds land with an area of 1.44 hectares there. Investments in Azymutalna Street will profit from convenient access to national and international transport…