Investment Site


Płonia Investment Site is the new area located in the Rudniki district in Gdańsk on the left bank of Dead Vistula River. At the moment most of the Płonia Investment Site has already been industrially transformed. It’s also a place where The Grupa LOTOS refinery and a Wschód Sewage Plant are located. Currently available greenfield area of 20 ha is located near Naftowa and Benzynowa Street. The asphalt road adjusted to heavy cargo transport connects the investment site with S7 Gdańsk-Warszawa highway. The area is also accessible with a line 186 bus (stopping at Benzynowa Street).

The investment site is encompassed with P/U 42 zoning purpose, which means production buildings and factories, especially from the sector of modern technologies. Płonia Investment Site is a location for demanding business projects, which would be difficult to implement elsewhere.