Located close to Sucharski Route, in vicinity of the Port of Gdańsk and Deepwater Container Terminal. The total area of 55 ha can be divided into smaller plots.  In 2015 the first step of road system development was completed and it enables direct access from Sucharski Route.  Part of water supply and sanitary installation has also been completed. Along Sucharski Route there is also medium pressure gas pipeline.

With the rapidly growing and modernized Tri-City infrastructure, logistics center PCI has excellent access to national and international connections by road, rail, air and sea.

In 2019, the first stage of construction of the internal road system was completed together with all technical utilities that are designed similarily to the system in Kokoszki Park. In the park there is Koga Office Building (8000 m²)  which was put into use in 2015. 

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